Thanks for everyone’s patience! This year’s Mud-Man was a challenge in so many ways, including getting our containers back home on time, but we finally got confirmation that we are good to go for our orignally planned load-out date of Saturday 9/16 starting at 9am!

All about Load-Out!

Art Transport Grants

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NYC Community Container is dedicated to providing low cost transportation for personal items, camp infrastructure, and art projects from New York City to Black Rock City and back.

NYC Community Container is a 501c3 organization (EIN 88-1571820) . We are a community endeavor with the goal of staying as close to at-cost transportation as possible.

Container load-in is a community event and the early start of the burn for many NYC burners where we all come together to help load the containers, including a liberal helping of playa dust that seems to forever permeate the yellow top containers and camping gear of veteran burners.