Help us find a new Load-In location?

As you probably know, the location we’ve used for many years (Liberty Harbor Marina) has massively increased the price to use their parking lot for load-in and load-out. While it remains an option to return to the marina, we are hoping to find a new location that doesn’t charge us an arm and a leg.

If you think you know of a potential location, contact us at

What are we looking for exactly?

  • Location in or near Jersey City, preferably near mass transit options (PATH or train station).
    While we remain open to locations elsewhere, the extra cost for transport of the containers from the rail yard would likely make anything but Jersey City a non-starter. If you think you have *THE perfect* location somewhere else though, feel free to let us know and we can always consider it.
  • Space for at least 5 containers, many cars and lots of people. If you’ve ever been to container load-in, you know what we need.
  • Probably just for a single day each time (load-in and load-out), but… it would definitely be interesting if we could find a location where the containers could be dropped on Friday afternoon, and picked up on Monday morning.
    IMPORTANT! This does not mean we would make load-in or load-out an entire weekend affair! It’s simply about potentially avoiding the early morning and weekend work for the truck drivers that take our containers to and from the rail yard.