Love Burn 2024 Load-IN

Hello pARTicipants

Load in for the Love Burn container will be at the back of the Zeppelin Hall parking lot in Jersey City NJ. It should be easy to reach by car, and there’s a light rail station right at the lot, as well as a PATH station a 10 minute walk away.

From 8am to 3pm on Saturday February 3. DO NOT BE LATE please!

Please use the entrance off of Jersey Ave. Please stick around to help each other load, and afterwards support Zeppelin Hall by having a drink or snack there once it opens at noon! 

Make sure you have signed the waiver

Space is still for sale

Please check in when you arrive. Tape a copy of your QR code to the top of your bins or other items so we can easily scan it. Mark your bins and items on all sides especially around the middle of yellow tops, use tape combinations and take a photo so you remember. Close bins with Velcro strips or zip ties (Velcro for less moop!)

We are not enforcing load-in times as there is only one container, but we strongly suggest you try to arrive at these times according to your arrival date at Love Burn:
* Thursday, Feb 15 or later: 8am
* Wednesday, Feb 14: 9am
* All earlier dates: 10am

We expect the container to arrive at Love Burn and be available by Monday Feb. 12. The expected location is on Arthur Lamb Boulevard. Right side as you arrive. Subject to placement. Pick up is daylight hours only as we have no power at the container location. It is on a shuttle route. If you have large installations and need DPW assistance you must arrange that with loveburn art and DPW teams. 

At Love Burn you must reload your items for the return trip by Tuesday Feb. 20 at NOON.

Arrival back in NYC/NJ is likely Saturday March 2 with the same pick up time – 8am to 3pm, but could be moved to Saturday February 24 *if* our container makes it back in time. According to our transport provider, the February 24 window is unlikely at this point though due to rail transit times.

This is a community effort and as always we guarantee nothing! 😁