Love Burn 2024

NYC Container is GOING TO LOVEBURN 2024!

This is the first time we’re officially organizing a NYC Container camp at Love Burn! We’re excited and we hope you are too! The general outline is the same as always: our goal is to make it as affordable as possible to bring NYC burner’s stuff and especially ART to the big burn as well as regionals.

UPDATE! We were able to sell enough space to upgrade to our preferred transport (and namesake): a full-on 53′ shipping container! This means that load-in will be on Saturday, February 3, in order to allow enough time to transport the container via rail. More details on our Load-In page!


SALES LINK: Love Burn 2024 Container Sale

At Love Burn

We plan to be on-site by Monday, February 12, well on time for any camp’s early arrival team to pick up their bins from us.

Location TBA. There will be shuttles to get your bins to your camp and we will likely also have a vehicle of our own to help you out if no shuttles are available.