NJ Load-Out – Possible Delay!

9/14 Update

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there is a railroad strike looming, and this has the potential of affecting our load-out on Saturday.

The good news is that 3 of our containers have already arrived in NJ, and a 4th should definitely arrive to NJ in time.

Now for the bad news:

  • Even though 4 containers should be available, the strike (if it happens) might still prevent them from being loaded onto road chassis and picked up from the rail yard on Saturday morning.
  • The 5th container (Neo – the blue container) is currently still in Chicago. There’s a small chance it will make it to NJ before the weekend, but railroad traffic is *already* being reduced due to the looming strike. However, this container only has Philly bins, as well as container crew and friend’s own bins on it, so most people won’t be affected even if this one doesn’t make it in time.

Bottom line:

  • If the strike DOES NOT happen: we should be good to go for unload on Saturday 9/17 as planned, for almost everyone (unless you were on the blue container)
  • If the STRIKE HAPPENS: all bets are off at this time. There is a high likelihood we might have to postpone until the next weekend in this case.

We apologize to everyone for the uncertainty. We will keep following up and provide updates as we learn more. We will send this out via email as well, and will continue doing the same for any further updates…

NJ Unload