Buy Container Space – Love Burn 2024

CONTAINER SALES ARE NOW CLOSED. If you need more space, just talk to us at Load-IN. See y’all soon!

Make sure to Sign Our Waiver once you’ve bought your space. It’s mandatory for load-in!

You MUST have read the General Info page first.

Important final details:

PSA: first item in the app is the number of yellow-tops. The second item is the number of NON-YELLOW-TOP cu ft that you need additionally, e.g. for tents, non-27-gallon-yellow-top bins, art, etc… E.g. if you’re getting 3 yellow tops and that’s all, keep the second item (‘Additional Cubic Ft’) at zero!

* $42 per 27 gallon yellow-top
* OR $9 per “loose” cubic ft for all other bins/tents/bikes/etc

Please provide your legal name, email address, cell phone, estimated arrival date in Black Rock City, and Camp name (n/a if not associated with a camp).

Your email address and cell phone info will never be shared outside of NYC Community Container. We only use your contact info to keep you up to date with important announcements regarding the container. Cell phone will only be used in emergencies.

Payment options (with fee): PayPal / Credit Card (via PayPal)

Payment options (no fee): Zelle/QuickPay (preferred) or Check/Cash (last resort)

Zelle/QuickPay: Most US banks support Zelle transfers. If using Zelle, send your payment to ASAP so we can match it up with your space purchase. Make sure to include the unique sales ID that we will provide in the comment field of your Zelle transfer!
Note that while your Zelle payment is instant we need to follow up on it manually, so you will initially receive a “space reservation” / payment reminder email. Once we have confirmed your payment, you will receive the regular confirmation email with a QR code.

Check/Cash: While we prefer that you make your payment either through PayPal or Zelle, we can accommodate Check or Cash payments if that is your only option. Please FIRST contact us at if you wish to pay this way, after which we can meet up at NYC Burning Man Happy Hour to collect your payment.

You will receive a confirmation email with a QR code from us to confirm your purchase of container space. Check your spam folder if you do not receive anything from us.

Trouble buying space? Email

CONTAINER SALES ARE NOW CLOSED. If you need more space, just talk to us at Load-IN. See y’all soon!